About Midnight Cheese

Midnight Cheese is a hodgepodge of design and technology related musings going all the way back to 2001. That's roughly 897 years in internet time.

Professionally, my career has spanned several disciplines in the tech world, including, Graphic Design, User Experience Design, Front-end Development, and Product Management. You can read more about my professional career at calemooth.com.

This version of Midnight Cheese is powered by Eleventy. Previous versions have been powered by Hexo, Octopress, WordPress, and Greymatter.

Headlines are set in Castoro for a traditional look and feel. Body text is set in Noto Sans. Noto is a collaboration between Adobe and Google to develop a typeface that shares the same aesethic qualities across multiple languages. This typeface was a topic of discussion in one of my masters courses, Typographic Voice and Visual Narrative, and I knew then I'd have to use this font in my next project. Read more about Noto from Wired.

My callsign is K4HCK.

Various projects

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