bbbrowser: Fun with the Dribbble API

June 08, 2011

Update June 2018: Dribbble no longer allows access to the "firehose" of shots via the API which means bbbrowser is no longer able to function. Thank you for all the interest and compliments over the years! It was a fun and inspirational project.

I love thinking up ways to display interesting data that continuously updates. Browsing through the Dribbble API I thought it would be a lot of fun to see everyone's shots pass through a display as they're uploaded.

bbbrowser — Fun with Dribbble

bbbrowser hits the Dribbble API every 24 seconds and displays the newest shots in your browser window. I like to leave this window open throughout the day and watch all the new artwork roll in. It's a great source of inspiration. If your browser supports fullscreen mode, even better.

The layout is tailored to widescreen monitors. The images do stretch as your browser is resized, however, so make sure you find that sweet spot between size and aspect ratio. (I'd hate to see someone's beautiful typography get all squishy.)

Jump in and start exploring!