Ubuntu on the MacBook Pro

In an effort to spend more time using Linux I've taken the liberty to install Ubuntu on my MacBook Pro. Referencing a couple different guides, the process is terribly easy.

Ubuntu on the MacBook Pro

Boot Camp creates the extra partition and rEFIt (boot menu for Intel Macs) is a simple package install through OS X.

With the system prepped, I just had to pop in the Ubuntu CD and everything installed like a dream.

Ubuntu is lightning fast on the MacBook Pro and nearly everything worked straight from the install. Wireless, Bluetooth, audio and keyboard controls adjusting screen and keyboard brightness all worked. The only true issue I'm having is the lack of sleep support. I haven't researched anything into it yet, however.

One thing that I would like to see added: The ability to turn off the Wi-fi and Bluetooth cards when not in use. I rarely use a Bluetooth device and normally keep Bluetooth turned off. Often times I don't have the need for wi-fi and turn that off. This helps save a little bit of battery life when operating sans plug.

Update: I just noticed the lameness of the leftover window bar from the screencapture app. Come on Ubuntu! Lettin' me down!