Polizei Cheese

Friday night Ernie, Jeff and I were down in Georgia to meet up with Alex Roy and a few of his other fans. Mr. Roy is known for his Gumball antics, but even more so for his record transcontinental drive from NY to LA in 31 hours and 4 minutes in his blue BMW M5.

Alex Roy's Polizei 144

A very nice guy, Alex was kind enough to sign my book, The Driver, (a great read) and various car parts from other folks.

At the signing everyone was getting into nicknames when MidnightCheese was brought up. Alex said the 144 in Polizei 144 came from a cheese shop near his apartment that had 144 types of cheese on-hand. So this was most appropriate.

Here's my Flickr link to a few shots I took of his car, Polizei 144.

Rumor has it Alex left Athens in a hurry that night. Unfortunately, we ended up getting lost in Athens side streets before we could follow him out.