On to Ubuntu

So I attempted to install Core 6 on my home server this weekend, but Fedora was unable to configure X to work with the integrated Intel video chipset(82845G/GL) that is common to only about a bazillion computers. Instead of messing with the xorg.conf file for the next hour I decided to install Ubuntu Server instead. The base system installed without issue. apt-getting a usable install of Gnome took longer than it should have, but once all the correct packages were installed, X and Gnome worked flawlessly. (no manual config of xorg necessary.)

The only casualty of this install was the software I was using to run the webcam. Camsource wouldn't compile under Ubuntu(not available as a package), so I've switched over to what seems to be a full featured piece of software called Motion. I probably won't ever need it, but Motion offers motion detection and mpeg capture. At the moment I'm just using the straight jpeg streaming ability.