Oh Yeah

Yeah Yeah Yeahs Ticket

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs played at War Memorial Auditorium last night and put on a very good show. Karen O can really scream. Collectively the entire band was very loud even to the point of drowning out any lyrics Karen might have been singing. Her screams were really the only thing to compete with the roaring guitar. The only real oddity of the set was the encore. At one point Karen went into the crowd to help her remember the lyrics, then they ended with Modern Romance, which was a little awkward finishing with such a slow song. But otherwise a good show all around.

Imaad Wasif opened and later assisted through the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' set. Deer Hunter played second. Unfortunately, this was very much like sitting through a high school talent show. They definitely begged the question of what is music and what is white noise, but in a very bad way. The lead singer looked like he could fall over and die from hunger at any point during the set. These guys were definitely the peas and carrots before the main course of the evening.