WWDC Wrap-up

WWDC 2006There's been a lot of press about the keynote not being too hot, but from a developer point of view the rest of the week was great. (Well, judging from the first three days that I was able to attend, anyway.) Technically I'm not allowed to go into detail about the sessions, but I will say that Apple is doing a lot on the back-end to make development on their platform very easy.

The conference was an interesting event, especially having attended by myself. Everyone kind of kept to their own little groups, so breaking into conversation was a bit difficult. Other people that were attending solo tended to immerse themselves in their laptops inbetween sessions and even during the receptions.

Nevertheless it was interesting to peer into the Apple developer world for just a bit. The WebKit team was exceptionally "awesome" and "hot," as they tended to throw those words out quite a bit.

Candor didn't get a mention at the Design Awards. Obviously being the WWDC the judges were probably more interested in how the Widget worked in addition to what it actually did. So iClip was definitely deserving of that. Unfortunately Candor doesn't use any fancy Core technologies to get the job done.

So overall WWDC06 was a good experience, although oddly it was a bit isolating at times. It would be interesting to compare with something like MacWorld as I imagine you would probably get a much wider spectrum of Apple addicts at that event.