WWDC Bound

Well, in less than 24 hours I'll be in San Francisco for the much anticipated WWDC 2006. Candor Gallery has been entered in the Apple Design Awards, so I figure this will probably be the best excuse I'll have to go to one of these conferences.

I'm looking forward to some great things being announced at the Keynote... No doubt we'll see the Mac Pro introduced, along with a tasty preview of Leopard. For Leopard, maybe a tabbed Finder and a redesigned UI that begins to lose the bubbly gloss look? After all, their hardware no longer sports the multi colors and the bulbous shapes either.

Perhaps we'll see Apple negate the work of CodeWeavers and the Alky Project allowing users to run Windows apps straight-up in Leopard.

Will there be one more thing? Maybe a sneak peak at the new wi-fi enabled iPods due out for X-mas? I'd like to see the iPods sport an RSS reader that lets you update your feeds at any wi-fi hotspot.

But aside from the keynote there will be some great sessions and of course the Apple Design Awards Ceremony. I can't stay for the whole week so I'm going to miss some good stuff like the widget sessions on Wednesday and the Campus Bash on Thursday, but I'm sure 3 days will be plenty of Apple overload.

San Francisco by itself will have plenty to offer. Hopefully I can hit up the Presidio and check out the new Letterman Digital Arts Center. If I have time Wednesday I'm going to try and drive down the coast a couple hours and see what there is to see.

There's been interest expressed to blog the Keynote live, but I don't know how feasible that will be. Besides, I want to see what's going on on-stage rather than staring at my notebook screen the whole time. But we'll see. There will certainly be plenty of other sources for live Keynote updates.

Anyway, at the least I'll certainly be posting some photos as the trip progresses, so check back for that!