Farewell old friend.

The time has come to part ways with the old PowerBook. My very first laptop, the second computer I ever bought with my own money, and probably the computer I've gotten the most use out of. (Although, the G3 Tower I used in college ranks right up there. It's a tank of a machine.)

As much as I threw this thing around, and carried along in such a sad excuse for a laptop bag, it's amazing it lasted as long as it did. Nearly four years. That laptop traveled with me to Bangor, DC, Orlando, Miami, many trips to Knoxville, and plenty of places in between. Several versions of midnightcheese.com and plenty of freelance projects were drafted up on that machine. Not to mention the tens of thousands of emails and memories that passed through along the way as well.

So good-bye old friend. You're falling apart, and only half functional, but I hope you can be put to good use somewhere.