Apple Store and their Country Fans

Stopped by the new Apple Store in Green Hills Mall on Saturday with Ernie. There were lots and lots of people in there. Completely packed. The store is smaller than the one in Atlanta, but it's still packed full of good stuff. They have a Sony HDV camera on display that you can try out with one of the G5s and the gigantic 30" display.

On the way out of the store I walked by this girl and thought, "Oh she's pretty." Immediately Ernie turned to me and said, "Hey, that was LeAnn Rimes." To which I said, "Who?" I've heard her name before, but I thought she was some old-time country singer person. (I know nothing about country music, and generally hate it. Yes, hate. Most of it anyway. Definitely anything recent and pop.) Ernie explained to me all that she's done... winning a Grammy at an insanely young age, some TV show, etc.

So, LeAnn Rimes is an apparent Apple fan, if that was indeed her.