Lab Day

It has been one monstrously long day at the lab. I show up at noon when they're supposed to open but end up waiting for about half an hour for someone to show up and let us in. There was no sign of the lab monitor so those of us who were waiting decided to go to the library to see if we can print out over at The Studio, but the library was still closed as well. Back over to the art lab... the lab monitor has shown up but the deadbolt is locked, so she can't swipe her card to unlock the magnet lock. Because the deadbolt is locked, she has to call campus police to let her in. An officer shows up with a chain of about 300 keys. He finds the right one, but it doesn't work. So he has to call for back-up. A second officer soon arrived and they finally get the door open around 1:00. The lab has been thick with sophomores lately with portfolio review coming up, so I had to make sure I got right in there and grab up the printer before they took over. At that point I began to print and print and print for about 5 hours straight. But luckily, in the end, the printer never ran out of ink, and I got both copies of my process book for my thesis all printed. Rock on!