Cale Mooth

Product Manager and Turf Wrangler

Bulging MacBook Pro Battery

Normally I swap between two different batteries when using my MacBook Pro. Today I opened a drawer to my desk to fetch one of the batteries and foun..

Just Another Nashville Snowpocalypse

It only took about 2" of snow to turn a 30 minute afternoon commute into 2, 3, 4 or more hours. I spent 2 hours in the car after leaving the offive ..

Rolex 24 Series Race at Daytona 2011

Compilation of video and still images taken at this year's Rolex Series race at Daytona.

Another Middle Tennessee Snow

We ended up with 2 inches in the La Vergne area. Definitely a good snow for Middle Tennessee. Here's some HD footage from around 7:00 this morning. ..

Tennessee Traffic Widget Version 2.0

Tennessee Traffic Widget v2.0 has been released. On the front-end, this new version restores Memphis and Knoxville camera images to the widget. On ..

Tall Snowman

It was amusing catching this guy out of the corner of my eye while driving home last night. The neighbors got some good height on this rather tall s..

6 Things I Learned in 2010

Lots of people seem to be doing a 2010 reflection post of some sort, so I wanted to jump in as well. To be a little different I thought I would refl..

Snow Shadow

A quick photo of shadows in the snow from last night's snowfall. It's cold in Nashville. 16° currently at the house. Our coldest start to Decemb..

Lake Elsinore California

I'm posting a few photos of the Lake Elsinore area from our trip to California earlier this month. According to the locals, the air was unusually cl..

Finally Free of Comcast

This past week we made our final call to Comcast. We cancelled. No more ridiculous phone calls asking them to fix their service. No more sending the..