Cale Mooth

Product Manager and Turf Wrangler

Old Stones River Road

If you look at the Percy Priest Lake area on Google Maps you can often see old roads that lead straight into the water. Recently I noticed such a ro..

Switching From WordPress to Octopress

Today marks yet another milestone for Midnight Cheese by successfully making the migration from WordPress to Octopress. With web trends moving towar..

Displaying Twitter and Weather on your Arduino LCD Screen

Pieced together from many different sources, the following scripts will allow you to display the Twitter public timeline, the top 20 Twitter trendin..

10K Apart Weather App

10KWX is a responsive weather app that I submitted to this year's 10K Apart exercise. The app uses a web browser's geo location feature to grab t..

Podcastin' with Jawgrind

I had the opportunity to geek out with Trey and Stephen on the lastest episode of Jawgrind. We had a lot of fun talking about all things web related..

Seedling: A Garden Tracking App

Since it's inception about a year ago, I've been working on a new project that has really been a lot of fun. The project is called Seedling and it's..

bbbrowser: Fun with the Dribbble API

Update June 2018: Dribbble no longer allows access to the "firehose" of shots via the API which means bbbrowser is no longer able to function. Thank..

Broadcast iTunes AirPlay Tracks to Campfire Chat with TrackFire

Update: TrackFire is now on GitHub for your forking pleasure. TrackFire is an AppleScript "app" that posts iTunes track titles played over an AirPl..

Arduino, LCD and Plexiglass

I've been wanting to build some type of container for my Ardiuno/LCD combination for some time. A couple weekends ago I finally bought some plexigla..

My iPhoneTracker Map is Mostly Useless

A former Apple employee has created an app called iPhoneTracker that pulls data from your iPhone backups in iTunes and then displays pretty much eve..