Sprint DOESN'T want You to Buy a Palm Pre

Sprint DOESN'T want You to Buy a Palm Pre

I walked into the Sprint store in Smyrna this weekend to finally take a look at the new Palm Pre. Sprint had one on display, but they don't want you to buy one. The phone on display wasn't working. Maybe it wasn't turned on. Maybe it was dead. Maybe it was a nonfunctional display phone. Either way, they had a potential customer walk in that couldn't evaluate their merchandise. I would have said something to customer service, but they weren't around. There were no reps in the front of the store. So I left.

Not Ready Not Now
In addition to not wanting you to evaluate the product in store, Sprint is no longer allowing customers to order the Pre over the phone. (This is a phone company.) You can't buy online, either. How unreal. Why be in business? Oh, and Palm should be pissed.

Is it any wonder Sprint is tanking so fast?

Update: In late July Sprint began offering the Palm Pre for sale through its website.