I Voted the Bums Out

I Voted the Bums Out

I took advantage of early voting in Rutherford County today and decided to vote out all my representatives that voted 'yes' for the Bailout Package.

An 'economic crisis' caused by bad debt, coupled with the largest money-grab in the history of existence, I just don't think plunging the country's deficit further into record debt was the answer. And it certainly didn't save the world's stock markets.

If we truly want to be Capitalistic and have a free market, the government shouldn't be bailing out these massive banks and institutions that are obviously run by people who have no forethought for future ramifications.

Also, the State buying stakes in banks is just a bit too Communistic for my tastes.

On the Prez front, I voted for Obama. I'm not big on his tax plan, but since our tax codes are already class biased, I don't feel completely terrible asking those who can afford to contribute a little more to do so. Honestly, if he asked me, being in the middle class, to pay another percentage or two more, I wouldn't mind doing it, if it truly meant that that extra money was going to fix the country in a real way.

Economics aside, I think Obama will be an adequate statesman representing our country. Something we desperately need. And to keep the current party out of the White House for a while I think will be good for us all. They've been excessively power-hungry the past several years in regards to increasing the reach and power of the Executive Branch. Not to mention human and civil rights issues... etc., etc...

Now we wait for the utter calamity to subside between now and November 4th. If we're lucky. It really truly isn't over until January 20th.