Metro Bustin' Bad Drivers

Metro Bustin' Bad Drivers

Metro Police have been pulling over reject drivers the last few weeks on Murfreesboro Road around the airport.

This morning, dude in front of me in a Caddy decided to whip around from the far-right lane into the far-left lane cutting people off in the process. All for no real reason, of course. Metro just happened to be the car behind me at the time. The police car slowly and calmly made its way from the right lane over to the far-left and proceeded to pull the Caddy over.

A couple weeks ago in the same stretch I was riding with the flow of traffic when someone flew by at about 70 (45mph speed limit on a six lane highway). At the bottom of the hill was Metro(not running radar) but saw what was happening and proceeded to bust the guy.

This instant vindication is quite nice.