Stay away from GameZnFlix

Stay away from GameZnFlix

We attempted to purchase a gift certificate through the GameZnFlix website only to have the site hang on us at the payment stage. So, with no confirmation number or email record of the transaction we called to make sure our card wasn't charged. Customer service (Samantha) was clueless over the phone and naturally the charge showed up on our card.

Multiple calls later they're still refusing to credit our card back claiming it's a 14 day 4 week process. Needless to say, that's a lie that's almost laughable if they weren't trying to steal our money.

They will be receiving one more call first thing Monday morning.

GameZnFlix has an atrocious ResellerRatings profile.

Update: Today marks the first time I've ever been hung up on by a CSR. We'll be taking the issue up with our credit card company at this point.