Leopard: 2 Likes, 2 Dislikes

Leopard: 2 Likes, 2 Dislikes


  1. File Renaming. Finder no longer selects the file extension when renaming files. A seemingly tiny change, but immensely helpful.

    Renaming files in Leopard is easy!

  2. Tabs and themes in Terminal. What else can you say about tabs?

    Terminal has tabs!


  1. Mail. This is likely partly due to our ailing Exchange server, but trying to delete or cut messages results in a lock-up of Mail app nearly every time. Cutting more than one message? Guaranteed lock-up. Been having weird UI artifacts as of late as well.

    Mail likes to lock-up

  2. The menu bar's translucency. The biggest downer is the fact that there's no justification for it. I keep wanting to push my apps up to the top of the screen because the menu bar appears to not be there in my peripheral vision. The bar and the menus are inconsistent in transparency. Why is the bar more transparent than the menu? I'd really like a good design/UI/user experience rational for this one.

    Menu bar. Why?

Overall Leopard has been seamless. Upgrading went smooth, existing apps work, Safari is super snappy. There's not much to really complain about and that's certainly a good thing. Now I'm just waiting on Adobe to release a CS3 update to get the PDF printer functioning again.