La Vergne Officials Continue to Live Outside Reality

La Vergne Officials Continue to Live Outside Reality

Our street was featured on the news again this past Halloween. This time for more speeding issues. (We made national news a few weeks ago.)

Due to terrible city and neighborhood planning, our narrow little street is a main thoroughfare for the rest of our neighborhood. As a result, most drivers abuse the 25mph speed limit, cruising through at nearly double the speed.

Many small children live and play on our street so we've contacted the city on a number of occasions to ask for assistance in keeping the speed limit enforced. We've even had them come out to look for themselves. As a result, we have seen little help. From the news story:

"The city administrator sat in my kitchen and witnessed this first hand. That was about a year ago. The only thing they could do was put more speed limit signs up. Have they? Absolutely not, nothing has been done," she said.

LaVergne City Administrator Mark Moshea refused to do an interview about the problem but said he plans to look into it.

Granted, it's also the responsibility of the neighbors to respect others and drive through at a reasonable speed, but at the same time La Vergne is small. There isn't a lot for the police to do in this town. They could take some time to enforce the speed limit.

But hey, our very own Taco Bell just opened!


Update: In february we had a few days of regular speed traps on our street. I spoke with one of the officers personally. People slowed down during the presence, but I haven't seen the police out again lately.