Small Update

Small Update


I'm finding Coda to be very useful. No more switching between Transmit and TextMate.

I tried to upgrade to Ubuntu 7.04 on my desktop machine using the software update app. Sadly, it completely hosed my install when it errored out in the middle of the update. This was after I had to modify the installer package which was complaining about not having enough free hard disk space on /boot.

Finally I did a full install from CD. Desktop effects are nice. I still had to manually edit xorg.conf to support my widescreen display. So unfortunately Ubuntu is still not ready for everyday computer users.

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The record industry continues to cut itself out of existence.

When I was a kid my Dad somehow came up with a copy of Mike Jittlov's short The Wizard of Speed and Time. Recently I came across it again on YouTube. Pretty amazing for 1979.