DreamHost Photos

DreamHost Photos

As a customer of DreamHost, (midnightcheese.com is hosted by APlus.net) I just don't feel confident in their services when I see images like this on their homepage. And this image is rather tame compared to some of the others that rotate through.

Livin' large at DreamHost

What kind of assumptions can we make from this photo?

  • DreamHost employees are too busy living it up to worry about your hosting.
  • DreamHost is run by a bunch of overweight kids.
  • DreamHost is living large off your cash.

I feel sorry for those kids, too. They need serious help with their weight or they're going to be in serious trouble in just a handful of years. They definitely don't deserve to be posted on the net like that.

I just don't get a feeling of professionalism from DreamHost anymore. And it seems to show in their quality of service during the last few months.

Update: Red Sweater weighs in on DreamHost's recent super lame apology. I think it's possible they've lost their minds.