LaVergne Elections

LaVergne Elections

Last week LaVergne held their election for mayor. Roughly 10% of registered voters came out to vote. That equals about 5% of the total population of LaVergne. The race was close with the top two candidates finishing within 101 votes of one another.

Hopefully our new mayor, Ronnie Erwin, will address some basic issues facing our city. Here are just a few simple, easy fixes that are long overdue:

  • Repainting the lines on Waldron Rd. (They are currently invisible on this 4 lane road. Most notably at night and in the rain.)
  • Putting in turn lanes on Murfreesboro Rd., especially at Dick Buchanan St.
  • Clean up the water dept. and their recent EPA violations.
  • Repeal the no parking on city roadways law. Residents on Tom Hailey Blvd are forced to park on their lawns creating a mud field. Cars parked on this roadway would help slow down traffic and keep the neighborhood kids from getting hit by cars.
  • Take the time to fix potholes rather than putting up signs that say "Bump Ahead." (Fergus Rd.)
  • Clean up the police department. Too many officers have been on TV and in the paper for misconduct.
  • Look at what Smyrna has done to the south. Why is LaVergne not attracting any new non-industrial business?

I could be off on these next few statements, but with LaVergne being one of the fastest growing areas in the state, it seems we should see our tax money go to work. Yet nothing appears to change in this city. Roads aren't widened, city beautification is non-existent. (Can we get some curbs and sidewalks?) Industrial business is booming but I wonder if they pay any taxes to the city at all. Let's see some real change during this next term.