Good ol' RockyTop Traffic

Good ol' RockyTop Traffic

Driving from Knoxville on Saturday evening I found myself in the middle of the approximately 10 mile stretch of I-40/75 that has been eternally under construction for at least the past 10 years. The traffic signs informed drivers that all lanes of the interstate were blocked at Lovell Road. That caused everyone to get off at Papermill Drive in hopes of cutting over to Kingston to avoid the interstate. Unfortunately, it would not be that easy.

I-40/75 has been in the process of being widened between Papermill and Gallaher for the past 4 years. A 3.6 mile stretch of interstate under construction for 4 years. If the project ended today, that's progress at a rate of roughly 13 feet per day.

So sitting through the mess at Papermill and the bumper to bumper traffic all along Kingston Pike until crossing back over to 40/75 at Campbell Station Road took just over 2 hours. 10 miles in 2 hours.

What else is there to say after dealing with this same mess for so long? It's just sad.