I've decided the sports media, specifically ESPN, lives in a college football rankings fantasyland. I'm tired of teams like Notre Dame, Cal, West Virginia, and to a certain extent, USC and Ohio, being ranked in the top 10, let alone in the top 25. These teams are consistently ranked high without playing any team of any worth. Notre Dame especially... ranked 2 for the first three weeks barely beating the sorry teams that make up their schedule. Then they go up against a half-way decent team like Michigan and naturally Notre Dame is blown away. Of course the talking heads on ESPN are amazed! They can't believe it! How could this happen!?

Meanwhile the most talented conference in college football, the SEC has epic matchup after matchup in conference play as the season progresses. Unfortunately, this results in marginal records and thus marginal rankings in the BCS for SEC teams.

Imagine if the SEC was broken up with stellar programs like Auburn, LSU, Tennessee, Florida and Georgia entering into conferences like the PAC-10, the Big East, the Big Ten, even the ACC. These SEC teams would rank among the top 5 every year because they would destroy all the other teams in those conferences.

Let's imagine for a moment if somehow Notre Dame ended up being ranked 1 or 2 at the end of the season and being matched up for the National Championship with someone like Auburn. Auburn would shutout ND 100-0. In reality, however, sportscasters are in awe that a marginal team like Notre Dame could lose while they belittle Auburn for scoring so few points against a great team like LSU.

I'm really hoping for an Ohio/USC Vs. Auburn title game this year. USC or Ohio will be there after facing marginal teams like Arizona and Indiana. Meanwhile Auburn will have to fight through good teams like Florida and Georgia.

All the more reason for a national playoff system.