More bad images from Adobe

More bad images from Adobe

I received an email from Adobe advertising some of their new stock photos. The stock photo they included as an example is of horrible quality. Blurry, looking very compressed, and lacking detail. (I've also discussed the same issue with images on their website.) If their blurry sample photo is supposed to be any type of example of their product, then who would want that? The plug for Bose is of much higher quality. Look at the sharpness in that image compared to the girl. Adobe has got to get some quality control happening. All their stuff looked so good before the acquisition of Macromedia.

Adobe Email Cropped
This is a crop from the original email. Click for the full email screen capture in PNG format.

If you look at the Adobe stock photo site you'll see the same image from the email which actually looks quite a bit better. I'd be willing to bet that whoever composed this email grabbed that photo from the website and blew it up, stretching it into nastiness. Come on guys... you can do better than this.