Wine & such

Wine & such

Just a quick round-up of small things.

Trying to get wine/Darwine running on the MacBook has been problematic. I've gotten wine to compile and Darwine will launch installers for certain applications, but thread issues have kept me from actually running anything. Others sem to have had success, however.

The backend functionality for a widget idea is shaping up. Lots of good PHP action. I need to redesign the front-end and hopefully I can post something for testing purposes soon.

I had to breakdown and see how well the MacBook graphics card performed, so I installed World of Warcraft. Needless to say, it's smooth as butter.

Merredith and I cooked up some spaghetti this evening that was fantastic. Excellent garlic bread as well.

The UTK E-Torch provided links to the Glocker construction webcams. The final product looks nice. The addition that stretches out in front of the stairs that lead to the Spam Building is interesting as well.