St. Patrick's Day 2006

St. Patrick's Day 2006

Spent St. Patrick's Day in K-town with Ernie and the UTK Painting folks. Ernie beat me to the post both on the blog and flickr, but I'm posting my photos anyway. Ernie put up a few photos that I left out, so check his stream out, as well.

Saturday was a fantastic day for making that I-40 drive between Knoxville and Nashville. And an even better evening for having dinner downtown with Merredith.

I helped my brother move into his new place on Sunday, and with that, learned just how crazy housing prices have gotten, even in little Smyrna, Tennessee.

My left shift button has fallen off my MacBook. It didn't break off, jut kind of came undone. I keep snapping it back on, but my finger continues to slide it off every other time I use the shift key. Tomorrow I may finally head over to the Apple store and see what's involved in getting it fixed.