No XBox360 for you!

No XBox360 for you!

I really do look for nice things to say about our computing overlords, but sometimes they just make it so difficult. The XBox 360 shortages(which M$ basically admitted to causing on purpose) have pissed off a lot of people. Especially our close personal friend, Robin. Below is the letter she sent in to M$ after preordering a 360 in July, and still having nothing to this day to show for it. Thanks Microsoft.

To whom it may concern-

I am writing concerning the XBOX 360. I'm extremely disappointed in the way that Microsoft decided to treat their customers regarding the release of this product.

We pre-ordered the 360 back in July. Before the scheduled release date, we paid for the item in full. About a week before the release of the 360, we were told that supplies were limited, and that the store (EBGames) wouldn't be getting as many in as originally promised by Microsoft.

I really don't think it's right that people who have pre-ordered the 360, not to mention paid for it in full already, are without it. The release date has passed, and we still have no xbox...and probably won't have one for weeks. I'm fully aware that we aren't the only ones; however, I'm fairly certain I speak for everyone who pre-ordered one when I say that Microsoft couldn't have handled the release of this product in a more unprofessional or greedy manner.

When you pre-order expect you will receive it on the release date; that's the point of a pre-order. We realized that this was going to be a high demand product, and we didn't want to miss out on it; therefore, we pre-ordered it to ensure that we'd have one. Do we have one? NO. Does Microsoft have our $400? YES.

Please don't write me back and try to pretend that there was no way that enough xbox 360's could have been made by the release date of the product. If enough could not be made available, then perhaps the release date should have been changed. Instead, Microsoft has decided to create hype regarding the 360 by not making enough.

You know...I don't even really care that there weren't enough xbox 360's to fill store shelves on the 22nd. What I DO care about is the fact that we showed our loyalty to Microsoft by pre-ordering an xbox 360 in the now where is Microsoft's loyalty?

Microsoft should have ensured that AT LEAST the people who pre-ordered one would receive it on the release date. Is that really asking too much? We're now sitting here without an xbox, while Microsoft is counting our money. Sure, I probably could have had one...if I had waited in line 20 hours like a few people I know did. However, I knew that was going to happen...that's why I pre-ordered I could avoid that mess.

Microsoft should have filled all the pre-orders first, and then if any 360's were still available, shipped them to stores. The people who DIDN'T pre-order should be the ones that have to wait.

I'm not sure what I'm expecting by writing this complaint...I'm sure I'll either be ignored, or given an excuse, etc. However, I couldn't sit back without letting somebody know what a sorry excuse for a company I think Microsoft is. There is absolutely NO reason that something like this should ever have happened. You should have some loyalty to your customers, but instead you take advantage of them.

You have absolutely no shame continuing to advertise for the 360 via your website, television etc saying that it's "IN STORES NOW" when it's obviously not! You SHOULD be ashamed. In order to release the Xbox worldwide, you have shortened the availability of the product in the U.S; THE SAME MARKET WHO MADE IT SO POPULAR IN THE FIRST PLACE.

In addition, Bill Gates decides to show up at a Best Buy location in Washington, where truckloads of xbox 360's were made available...yet he doesn't show up at Best Buy's, etc. where only 10 were made available, and hundreds of people were waiting for one. Funny how Microsoft seemed to make enough 360's available at Bill's shortages there....interesting, isn't it? Not's calculated and insulting.

I'm absolutely disgusted by Microsoft's greed, unprofessional attitude, and overall conduct regarding this product. I feel extremely bad that I don't have a 360 right now, and that I'm basically out $400; but things could be worse. I could be working for the Microsoft corporation where values are apparently skewed in favor of the company rather than the consumer, who MADE the company. Forgive me for using the following cliche', but do you people sleep at night?

VERY sincerely,