Like a new pair of shoes

Like a new pair of shoes

I don't feel there's a ton to say about the new site design, but I wanted to mention that I liked the idea of using a footer area which I first caught wind of here, via SimpleBits. It's nice to somewhat break the notion of the two column layout which is so popular these days. Midnight Cheese is the most concise I've ever had it now that the webcam and about pages are both rendered through WordPress.

I'm generally obsessed with a clean and open layout, but I tried to counter that with the background image. With the new design I've tried to meld elements of print and digital design together. The serif font that makes up the logo and the footer, plus the rolled on look of the black Midnight Cheese on the background image and the 3 squares which loosely reference the CMYK process are all print elements. Obviously the pixels and the black and white bitmap pattern in the background are of the web side of things.

Ernie, I thought about it for a while, but finally found an appropriate answer for not displaying the post headers in the same font as the header font. The Midnight Cheese font in the header is serving as the logo for the site, and since this is the case, it is extremely rare that you would see body copy (print or electronic) match that of a logo.

Overall I'm very pleased with the new look, and I expect it to stick around for a good amount of time. I'll be adding a few more minor elements here and there soon.