The missing posts

The missing posts

I feel like I've really been lacking in blog posts lately, so here is the post to end all posts to fill in all the empty holes. It's all pretty random, so be warned.

I've seen War of the Worlds twice. I thought it was great. Very intense. Tom Cruise is slowly becoming the next Michael Jackson in terms of weirdness, but he did a good job in this movie.

Friday I'm heading down to Atlanta to chill with some peeps from school for the weekend. Monday I head to Memphis for three days to visit a few other friends from school.

Driving back from the movies on Sunday I saw a huge line of electrical crews and bucket trucks headed down south to help the victims of hurricane Dennis. It's great to see others helping out that really don't have to.

The Fantastic 4 sucked ass. When phrases from Donald Trump enter popular culture, there's something wrong. There's a scene where Dr. Doom goes to electrocute someone, and right beforehand he says, "You're Fired." The scene takes place in a board room/conference room. The story was horrid. And what were they thinking making the Thing shorter than everyone else? Isn't he supposed to be fairly large?

I paid-off my car! 2 years early.

My PowerBook is getting out of control. It's taking its time going to sleep now-a-days. It runs HOT. The fans are on all the damn time. I can't find any kind of stray process causing it; The processor usage is low. I'm waiting for my second hinge to break turning the computer into an extremely slim desktop machine. The CD-ROM/DVD is broken. A three year old laptop is just too slow for the amount of work I ask of it. I thought about upgrading the RAM, but that's just going to mask the underlying problems. I just hope it lasts another year until the Mactels start showing up.

Ernie and I spent the last several weeks brewing our own beer. We cooked it up, let it sit in a 5 gallon bucket for 10 days, bottled it, let it sit for a couple weeks, drink, enjoy.

That's it that's all that's all there is.