K-town Weirdness

K-town Weirdness

I should just rename this blog "The Knoxville Chronicles" with the amount of K-town stories I post up here. This time our tale comes to us in the form of a day-trip to Knoxville to pack up Ernie's studio, load it all up in the van, and head back to Nashville. That's about as sensible as this story is going to get.

After packing up Ernie's studio and loading it into the van we stop off at a Sushi bar in downtown Knoxville to eat with some of the UT painting majors. That place was quite amusing. Between Ernie and Rachel exchanging pleasantries about eachother's parents, the sushi bar provided one ridiculous event after another: Hot water, hot towels, no napkins, blank walls, weird-ass drinks, some tiny-ass california rolls (We're talking super tiny), wasabi bets, awkward interjections and plain foolishness from the 5 of us sitting at the table.

After the sushi bar we head off to Ernie's friend's/former prof's house for a dinner party and to store some painting material. The average age of the attendees was twice that of my age. The food however was splendid. Ernie got to hold kittens. (That image just plain scares me, btw.) So after we eat we proceed to cary mass amounts of canvas and plexiglas material through the middle of this diner party that's going on in the living room. Right after the materials are stored and in place we proceed to jet out of there extremely prematurely without even getting to meet the girl in the glasses.

After the quick dinner party we drive all of about 2 blocks over to this other house to pick up some stuff that belongs to someone who doesn't even live there any more. Confused? Earlier in the day we dropped off a wicker trunk at a house that had no one home. After the pick-up we went back to the wicker trunk house to leave a sander, again with no one home. Yet the wicker we left earlier had managed to disappear.

After our moving escapade a trip to the library was in order to drop off some books. But before that, Ernie wanted to go to Kinkos and photocopy some of the articles in the books he was about to return. So half way through all this photocopy business I finally have to ask, "Why don't you just check the books out again next semester?" Upon hearing my question a realization is reached in Ernie's mind, something along the lines of "dammit" is muttered and we're on our way to the library to ditch these books until next semester.

Such is the weirdness from K-town on Saturday, and I totally forgot to mention the giant UT warehouse completely full of toile tpaper. I wish I had taken a picture of that one.