Art Shows & Car Accidents

Art Shows & Car Accidents

Last night after work I met with Daniel for coffee and to discuss our latest book project. Normally it takes no less than a gallon of Mountain Dew for me to even begin to feel the effects of caffeine, but between my empty stomach and this potent brew, I was vibrating.

So after meeting with Daniel I jitter on down to the Harding Art Show and check out the wares. I was really surprised at the amount of work that was on display. Most of it was your typical impressionistic looking stuff, but there were a couple artists that had some unique work on display.

After the art show I make my way home with a headache from coming down off the coffee I had earlier. I just wanted to get home and get some food in my body. As I'm getting off 65 onto Old Hickory Blvd. East, I come to the first traffic-light where they're building the new Target. I stop at the light. A car behind me pulls up and stops. We're all just sitting around waiting for the light to change. Finally, the light turns green and WHAM! The car behind me is pushed into my car by a third car! A nice 3 car pile-up. So I get out of my car expecting to see my bumper lying on the asphalt. Instead, the guy that plowed into the car behind me is standing there with his arm extended ready to make introductions. Meanwhile the girl who was in the car that was pushed into my car is freaking out. She's trying to call the police but is too nervous, so she hands me the phone. After I'm done on the phone, the way-too-happy-to-be-in-a-car-accident guy who tried to drive his car straight through us is trying to make small talk asking us how many miles per gallon we get and how everything is going. Of course I'm thinking, "We're dealing with a 3 car accident, standing out in the middle of Old Hickory Blvd. like a bunch of fools, how do you think we're doing?"

Anyway... Eventually we realize there's really no damage to any of the cars(amazingly enough. He pushed the car behind me a good 6-8 feet.) and we decided to just exchange info and head our separate ways. At that point I was ready to just get home, get to bed, and let this day be over with.